byWiT kicks-off the annual new share issue
byWiT kicks-off the annual new share issue

byWiT is on a mission to build digital growth companies by financial as well as operational engagement. We work in close collaboration with our portfolio companies in the development of their Go-To-Market-plans and strategies as well as giving them access to byWiT’s extensive expertise, know-how, tools and network.


Continuing our successful work with our portfolio of 11 companies, who are driving change and digitalization within different industries, byWiT has now opened our annual new share issue.


The new share issue is an important step towards driving growth and development of our current portfolio and committing long-term in new digital companies with great potential.


”byWiT has had a successful start where we already show a revenue growth of just over 120% in our portfolio companies. We are excited to build on this by kicking-off our annual new share issue as we see a great potential in finding, investing in and developing digital growth companies”, says Ulf Söderström, Founding Partner and CEO at byWiT.


More information on the new share issue, such as prospectus and subscription form, can be found on our Investor page here on our website.


If you have any specific questions related to the new share issue, you can also send an e-mail to [email protected]


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