We’re early-stage company builders.

How we help our seed founders.


We lead and co-lead seed stage investments. Then we roll up our sleeves to get you to Series A. We help founders in four key areas: product-market fit, go-to-market, recruiting, and fundraising.

Make your first hires

The best use of your capital is to hire the best team. We help in a unique way – our exceptional in-house recruiters partners with you, at no cost, to close your first engineering and technical hires. Before Pear, that team recruited thousands of engineers at Instacart, Uber, and Meta.

Sell effectively

We run a “Sales Bootcamp” to improve your sales skills, share how to run a sales organization, and help you iterate on your sales pitch and messaging. We also work our extensive networks to provide customer introductions.

Achieve operational excellence

Great companies out-execute. While vision and innovation are critical, running your company like a machine is how you win. We help you define operating plans, run effective board meetings, clarify the KPIs needed for your next round, and focus on culture and personal development.

Grow exponentially

Each company has a unique go-to-market strategy and seed is when you design your scalable growth engine. We iterate with you to test organic growth, paid growth, channel partnerships, sales org development and other models to hone on the right model for you.

Retain your customers

Success is not only about acquiring customers. Retaining and expanding existing customers is ultimately even more important to your company’s success. We work with you to optimize the value of each customer over time.

Access to ByWiT Portfolio Companies

As a Scout byWiT portfolio company, you have the access to use the byWiT portfolio services at a discount. This is a great way to come up to speed quickly on the ins and outs of starting and running a company.

Raise your Series A

We help you set your Series A fundraising strategy from day one. When the time to start fundraising comes, we run a “pitch deck clinic“ to build your story, gather your evidence, review your deck, design it, and master public speaking. Then, we work with you to get the right VC introductions, and, finally, we coach you through the negotiations. Our rigorous process produces results with over 70% of our seed companies raising series A’s from tier-1 institutions


1-3 Million SEK Investment in Seed Round


Why Future Champions byWiT?


Early Stage Growth. Our mission is to provide as much help as we can in recruiting, product, tech, growth, and fundraising. We have invested in building a one of a kind talent team that helps address the first critical challenge most companies face.

Here for good times and bad times. We are often the ones around the table when things are not going well. Whether it is an elusive product-market fit, a missed plan, or employees departing, we are there to recognize the challenges and help you come up with a strategy to address them.

We are in this for longterm. Our