The company

E-farm is a full-stack digital marketplace for used farm machinery. Their digital trading platform for used farm machinery covers has a global reach with a focus on Europe. Since the founding of e-farm.com in 2015, the company has been striving for nothing less than a revolution in the market for used farm equipment with their vision of more transparency, lower prices, and the largest offer of used agricultural machinery.

The company’s founder Dr. Nicolas Lohr gained experience in the truck and farm machinery sector as a management consultant and quickly recognized the hurdles farmers and dealers face time and again in the market for used farm machinery: lack of price transparency, limitation to local markets, hidden machine shortcomings, trust and even fraud.

It became abundantly clear that in order to guarantee security in payment and transport, cost efficiency as well as personal service in the market for used agricultural machinery, a pioneering new path had to be found in this traditional marketplace and E-farm was born.

The offering

The company offers services for buyers, such as buying across-border, financing, inspection, warranties  and transport. For dealers they offer free access to their international sales team, pricing of trade-ins for farmers buying new machines, support during processing and a multitude of potential customers worldwide.

The team

E-farm was founded by Dr. Nicolas Lohr and the team has members from 18 countries who come together in the E-farm office in the Neustadt area of downtown Hamburg, Germany.

byWiT investment

byWiT saw a real potential in e-farm due to a huge market, estimated at EUR 30 billion and an underdeveloped product offering. Most importantly, E-Farm’s management and team were top-notch and willing to work with byWiT in the critical growth phase. That led to us making our first investment in the company in September 2020. E-Farm has continued to grow at a furious pace and byWiT has taken the opportunity to increase our holdings during 2021 and 2022.

“E-Farm’s founders impressed us with their vision and structured approach which was a key reason for our initial investment. That they have surpassed their business plans and created a unique and supportive company culture over the last two years is satisfying but not surprising!”, says Elias Jacobson, partner at ByWiT.

Visit their website for more information (or to buy a tractor at a great price!):  www.e-farm.com