The company

Epicenter is northern Europe’s largest co-working concept. With the vision of globally helping key innovative hotspots to supercharge their local entrepreneurial ecosystems, the company is a collection of local innovation houses providing a community, learning platform, and meeting arena for local change makers to accelerate their growth and innovate with impact.

The co-working space offers the possibility to rent a desk, studio, or an own flexible office. Members of Epicenter can join master classes, summits and networking happenings. The company also has innovation programs, side-by-side coaching and co-creation to help companies build a more innovative culture and solve strategic challenges for growth.

Epicenter was founded in xx and has today over 550 membership companies and over 6000 members. Each year they are hosting more than 150 community events.

The offering

A creative meeting arena for fast-growing digital companies and large companies that want to collaborate, develop, and gear up their digital business. Epicenter members are offered everything from smart offices to innovation labs, events, and training programs.

The team

Epicenter was founded by xx and the team consists of xx. They have co-working spaces in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki.

byWiT investment

byWiT saw a real potential in Epicenter due to expansion plans entering new markets, London, Paris, and Berlin. That led to us making our first investment in the company in January 2022.

“This is a strategic investment for byWiT, by combining the excellence of Epicenter and byWit operational investment approach, we start to build the creation of what will be the format for how investment companies are built tomorrow”, says Nalle Söderström, partner at byWiT.

Visit their website for more information: www.weareepicenter.com