The company

Lanetalk is a company digitizing the world of bowling for both players and centers. With 150 million bowlers worldwide, the company offers the first online hub for global, national, and regional tournaments, live scoring and learning in one app where players can join from their home center.

Lanetalk is connected to the center’s scoring system and automatically gathers the score directly from their scoring system. When a center is added to the Lanetalk network, they open up for local bowlers to train more effectively and take their game to the next level and play more and bigger tournaments. That will in turn lead to more guests spending more time in the center. Bowlers can use the Lanetalk app to dive into their statistics, follow their progress and get new insights.

Since the reboot of  the company in 2019, collaborations have been built with some of the largest players in bowling, both in Europe and USA and more than 827 centers have connected across 40 countries.

The offering

With their app Lanetalk is offering bowlers to challenge friends, play global or national tournaments from their home center and get stats. For centers it means live Scoring and leaderboards, to be able to create their own center competitions as well as an online booking system.

The team

Lanetalk is headed by serial entrepreneur Roberth Risberg. The company is based in Stockholm.

byWiT investment

byWiT saw a real potential in Lanetalk as the only app in Bowling. With a sport bigger than gold in the US, we could not pass up on investing in November 2021.

“We have never come across a sport that was more in need of digitization. Until Lanetalk there was no way to track your performance. Lanetalk changed that, and at the same time brought hundreds of thousands of players together that can now compete against each other around the whole world”, says Elias Jacobson, partner at byWiT.

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