The company

Pensionera is a fast-growing digital pension solution offering a wide range of pension products, such as savings, occupational pension, and funds as well as advice for private customers.

The whole idea started as the founders noticed the pension system in Sweden is very complex and difficult to navigate, which means many don’t know what they will receive in retirement when it is time to say goodbye to work. With that insight they decided to start Pensionera and through their services give everyone in Sweden an opportunity to increase transparency and help with their pension.

With their digital pension solution, the company is gathering all current pensions such as occupational pension as well as the general pension, providing a clear overview for their users. Pensionera’s licensed advisors can also support the users along the way with their knowledge and expertise.

Founded in 2016, Pensionera today has over sixty thousand subscribers and more than a billion dollars in AUM in their funds. Pensionera is the largest digital wealth advisor in Sweden.

The offering

Pensionera offers transparency for users’ pensions, insurance schemes and fund savings. Pensionera offers personal investment advice via a subscription service and uses AI to secure the best suited personal solutions as well as support in moving capital and monitoring holdings. Pensionera owns IKC Fonder which manages Pensionera as well as external client assets. Pensionera offers different savings plans and insurance schemes and their licensed advisors are available to clients who want extra service.

The team

Pensionera was founded by 2016 and now consists of a team of 50. The company is based in Stockholm with offices in Malmö, Umeå and Skövde.

byWiT investment

byWiT saw the trend consolidation of investment advisors and the unique position Pensionera has as a vertically integrated asset manager and investment advisor which led us to invest in  December 2021.

“Pensionera’s outstanding last few years confirms that Swedes are digitally savvy and want to take control of their pensions and savings. We expect this trend to grow rapidly in the Nordics and expand to Europe.” says Scott Moore, partner at byWiT.

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