Root Digital Group
Root Digital Group

The company

Root Digital Group, is a leading player within digital marketing and e-commerce.

Root Digital Group started off with the vision to become Northern Europe’s leading player within digital growth and is today home to several expert niche companies. The group has a turnover of around 300 MSEK, recording rapid organic growth and with the ambition to continue growing through acquisitions in complementary business areas and geographies.

The offering

With cutting-edge expertise, a digital toolbox for increased efficiency and data-driven optimization as well as in-depth understanding of business value, the group provides a comprehensive offering for successful digital transformation and sales growth.

The team

Today over 100 dedicated and skilled talents are working for the group. Their headquarters is based in Stockholm. 

byWiT investment

byWiT saw a real potential in Root Digital Group due to the ongoing transformation to digital sales and the need for expertise with a data-driven approach and holistic view to strategy and execution. That led to us making our first investment in the company in June 2022 with the ambition to continue supporting the group with capital for further acquisitions and other initiatives.

“As always it is all about the people, and with Root we have an amazing team and co-workers dedicated to delivering top-notch quality and success for their clients, which has resulted in long-term relations and an impressive growth track-record. The consolidation of the industry is picking up speed and Root Digital Group is greatly positioned to take a leadership role as a platform for like-minded entrepreneurs to join the journey ahead”, says Thomas Karlsson, partner at byWiT.

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