The company

Zebrain is the Nordic region’s first SaaS platform for employee development. Via their platform based on a research-based methodology, Zebrain supports companies to further develop employee potential and counteract stress and sick leave.

The company was founded in 2020 with the goal of making quality coaching available to more people cost-effectively by democratizing mental strength. Zebrain makes employee development built on coaching available by offering a subscription to potential that gives a measurable effect.

Zebrain’s methodology combined with the right coach has had measurable results. After 3 months of use, 30% experienced increased self-leadership, 40% reduced stress, 30%  increased motivation and 4 out of 5 stated they sleep better.

Today, companies such as Nordax bank, Accenture, RFSU, Paradox and GSK all use the service.

The offering

The company’s digital platform offers an effective and measurable methodology that helps employees and leaders to effectively transfer their knowledge and drive, benefiting both the business and them personally. The platform includes behavioral analysis, unique matching of coach and client, video meeting and chat with coach, individual exercises as well as measurement of progress.

The team

Zebrain was founded by Jessica Huge, Gustaf Karling, Jan Sandgren and Anna Bloth Karling. The team consists of over twelve people specialized within different areas. The headquarters is in Stockholm. 

byWiT investment

byWiT saw a real potential in Zebrain due to a strong digital platform to support and coach employees in their development, a platform which has a real potential to grow. That led to us making our first investment in the company in February 2022.

“One of the fastest growing problems today is mental illness, which has led to us keeping an eye on health tech. This market has exploded in the USA and we consider the Swedish market to be mature for digital coaching. That’s why we were really happy when we found Zebrain which matched all our criteria for becoming a champion”, says Johan Gorecki, partner at byWiT. 

Visit their website for more information: www.zebrain.se