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We meet entrepreneurs who inspire us. Every day.

People with mind blowing creativity, visionary thinking. Extraordinary people with companies that have bigger opportunities than most.

Below are some of the best cases, people and development we believe needs to be put in the “Spotlight”

Ben Eliass
Co-founder of Estrid

Our works Our works

We invest long term with companies powered by technology and innovation. We focus on growth and have a global ambition in every venture.


GFO-X is a regulated trading venue focused on listed derivatives on digital assets.


Root Digital Group

Root Digital Group, is a leading player within digital marketing and e-commerce. Root Digital Group started off with the vision to become Northern Europe’s leading player within digital growth and is today home to several expert niche companies.

Root Digital Group


Bright is a SaaS company, digitizing the energy industry with an open and data-driven digital platform, which energy companies can offer their customers.

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