We are operational growth investors.

When we invest in a company what we really do is to partner with them. We find companies built on strong ideas that somehow challenges the market and traditional thinking. We want to be inspired and help our partnering companies to grow, because that is how we grow.

“byWiT has high ambitions with our business where we aim for an IPO in 2026. We invest long-term to further develop our companies for continuous growth and increased profitability over time in close collaboration with the founders. An investment strategy has proven to be very successful.“
– Ulf Söderström, co-founder and CEO at byWiT

Champions in the spotlight



Proxify connects talented developers with growing companies by building virtual development teams. With their large network of talents, they can support companies worldwide.



Pensionera is a fast-growing digital pension solution offering a wide range of pension products, such as savings, occupational pension, and funds as well as advice for private customers.



E-farm is unlocking the Machinery Lifecycle Potential with Innovative Data, creating a global digital marketplace for used farming equipment.

Our other investments

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