byWiT initiates the annual new share issue 2023
byWiT initiates the annual new share issue 2023

byWiT invests in future global champions to digitize analog industries. As a multi-stage investor, byWiT backs companies with proven capacity for growth and with a great development potential. Its operational involvement in the companies, such as growth strategies, M&A and Go-To-Market plans, serves to reduce risk in the scale-up growth stages while also increasing the opportunities for high value development.

Building on byWiT’s successful work with the current 12 portfolio companies, the investment company has now opened the annual new share issue 2023. The aim is to strengthen its ownership position in the digital market vertical through driving growth within current portfolio and continue to expand the portfolio through its strong pipeline in place.

“byWiT has seen a strong revenue growth in our portfolio of 70-80% YoY. With the annual new share issue, we can continue the successful path we’re on by developing our portfolio further as well as invest in and build new digital growth companies” says Ulf Söderström, founding partner and CEO at byWiT.

Additional details about the annual new share issue, including the prospectus and subscription form, are available at the investor page on our website.

If you have any questions regarding the new share issue 2023, please don’t hesitate to send an email to [email protected]


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