The company

Bright is a SaaS company, digitizing the energy industry with an open and data-driven digital platform, which energy companies can offer their customers. With a ready to use white-label solution, the company’s solution can stimulate households to, among other things, avoid electricity use during the hours of the day when many people use electricity at the same time, which helps even out the load on the electricity grid.

Bright started as an electricity company, with the goal of helping private individuals reduce their electricity consumption, environmental impact, and costs in various smart and sustainable ways. But after several years they realized they wanted to focus on what they were even better at – to create a digital service helping the end user understand and manage their electricity consumption, environmental impact, and costs.

Since the start of the company in 2011, Bright’s platform today has hundreds of thousands of users and are active in both Sweden and across the Nordics.

The offering

Their cloud service (SaaS) enables end users, no matter if they are a private or corporate customer, to access the platform via a PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet wherever they are. The platform offers flexibility, insights, security, and smart management.

The team

Bright was founded by David Forsberg and today their team consists of 20 competent, dedicated, and creative talents. Their headquarters is based in Stockholm. 

byWiT investment

byWiT saw a real potential in Bright due to great team, strong technical platform and performance, happy customers with great future scale-up possibilities in an industry in need of transformation.. That led to us making our first investment in the company in April 2022.

“Bright has a market leading technical platform for best customer experience. Add to that an industry that is in need of complete transformation where the digital revolution will play a key role. byWiT will be able to support Bright operationally in many areas – not at least the expansion into the key markets in Europe”, says Thomas Karlsson, partner at byWiT.

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