The company

Klingit is a creative tech platform that helps businesses with designs, UX, brand, social media marketing and more.

The company believes that good quality design is the key to success for any business but realized that access to affordable, good quality design was hard to come by. Therefore, they made it their mission to fill the gap in the market by making high-quality bespoke design accessible, easy, fast and affordable to businesses of any size.

With its world-class designers and an innovative and incredibly user-friendly platform, businesses can expand their design team without hiring expensive in-house designers. Klingit operates as an extension of a business, delivering unlimited designs and unlimited revisions for a set monthly fee.

Klingit was founded in 2020 and today they have approximately 200 clients, including large enterprise companies such as H&M, Schibsted, Sember and Trustly.

The offering

Klingit streamlines businesses by operating  faster and more effectively, a possibility of managing design projects in one place and to collaborate in real-time. Their tech platform can support companies with branding, UX design, social media marketing and web design.

The team

Klingit was founded by Teddy Wold and Rikard Hegelund and today the team consists of +50 people with expertise within a wide range of areas such as branding, communication, marketing and design. The headquarters is located in Stockholm.

byWiT investment

byWiT saw a real potential in Klingit due to the fine team and a market that was clearly reliant on local talent instead of using the whole world as a source for finding great talents. That led to us making our first investment in the company in November 2021.

“A theme we have been investing behind is Distributed Services. We believe that the greatest talents are situated everywhere, and with a great platform like Klingit, these talents can reach the finest companies in the world”, says Elias Jacobson, partner at ByWiT.  

Visit their website for more information: www.klingit.com