The company

Proxify is connecting talented developers with growing companies by building virtual development teams. With their large network of talents, they can support companies worldwide.

The story started when the co-founder and CEO Viktor Jarnheimer sold his EdTech company and realized it was super hard to find the best developers. And that’s how the idea of Proxify came up. The company was founded in 2018 with the mission to match the most talented, remote developers with scaling companies in Sweden.

Since the start, the company has successfully worked with developers on a remote basis in their growing network of talented freelance developers.  Their members include React and Flutter core contributors, AR/VR experts, and AI & Computer Vision researchers who built autonomous vehicle systems. Today Proxify is supporting more than 350 companies in 22 countries, ranging from SaaS startups, leading scale-ups to enterprises.

The offering

Proxify pre-vet developers ensuring they can start in days, the developers speak English and have proven skills, they offer a competitive pricing and the company’s technical team makes sure to find a developer that is a perfect match both in skillset and motivation.

The team

Proxify was founded by Viktor Jarnheimer and Lee Haynes and has a large team spanning from management, client management, talent & HR to growth marketing and design & engineering. Proxify has five offices across Europe.

byWiT investment

byWiT saw a real potential in Proxify due to the strong founding team and the growing trend to work remotely. That led to us making our first investment in the company in January 2022.

“It is rare to find such a great team in a young company. When you do find them, you want the partnership to last forever”, says Elias Jacobson, partner at ByWiT.

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