We invest with capital,

know-how, experience

and ambition.

We are operational growth investors.

Who we are

byWiT are the companies we invest in

When we invest in a company what we really do is to partner with them. We find companies built on strong ideas that somehow challenges the market and traditional thinking. We want to be inspired and help our partnering companies to grow, because that is how we grow.

Our experience is at your disposal

We are hands-on investors and it is important for us to be a part of the daily operations. We see our operational capabilities as the real game changer to execute revenue growth. The team behind byWiT have done global growth journeys several times as founders, investors or c-level executives with companies like Boliden, SCA, Autoliv, Peltarion, Estrid, Nabo, Sigrid Therapeutics and Mediaplanet.

We turn the odds in our favor

We remove all the guesswork by using a methodical and fact-based approach in our investments. Together with our entrepreneurs and management we work towards improved business execution where we increase the value for all shareholders. Our method lowers executional risk for both investors and our companies.